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Business is going global. For this reason many businesses choose to fly privately. The benefits are numerous such as the convenience of scheduling a flight around your timetable, the ability to use smaller local airports, and of course security of knowing who is flying with you. There are now many choices for private aviation such as fractional programs and jet cards, but the truth is that buying the whole airplane is a far better way to go. When you own your aircraft you donít have to worry about positioning the aircraft to meet you hoping it is available. Your plane is at your disposal around the clock. Another aspect of owning whole aircraft is the additional security. Not only do you know the passengers, but you also know the pilots and crew. You also know the complete history and service records of the plane. Financially speaking, you also can take the full depreciation value of the purchase price off your balance sheets. While not for everyone, if you are flying more than 200 hours per year, owning your own plane makes financial sense no mater the size, make or model of the aircraft.
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