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Bombardier Aerospace came into being 1986 when the Bombardier Group acquired Canadair. They are based in Montreal Canada and sell to the worldwide market. Sine the acquisition Bombardier Aerospace has become the third largest producer of aircraft in the world including private and regional jets. Bombardier currently offers business jets, regional jets, and turbo prop airplanes that are designed for a wide variety of purpose. They are perhaps best known for their production of the Learjet brand of corporate aircraft which consists of many variations. Bombardier has also launched several innovative and high quality lines aside from the Learjet. These lines of aircraft are designed to offer a wide range of options for everyone’s taste.

Bombardier offers quite an assortment of planes so most private aircraft buyers will have lots of aircraft to choose from the Lear, Challenger, and Global groups. Each of these business jet lines features their own style and unique character. Lear is the smallest, and perhaps most well known, business jet offering light to midsized business jets with ample range to get you to your destination. If you are looking for something a little larger then Challenger is the line for you as it offers super midsized to large business jets offering more comfort and longer range. Finally if you prefer a very large cabin with quite a long range, then Global is where you will find the best offerings.

The Learjet ranges from the small Learjet 40 XR too the Learjet 60 XR. The upcoming Learjet 85 is the jet that has not only fans of Learjet, but also business jet fans very excited. This sleek combination of style and engineering is looking to be the next preeminent plane in both hangers and on the runway. First they are making the Learjet 85 out of all composite material that is designed to increase passenger comfort as well as reduce maintenance times and costs. Not only is Bombardier promising increased comfort but they are also claiming that the new Lear will create less drag and superior aerodynamics. Even if you have not been excited about Learjet in the past, this newest offering may be worth looking into.

If you need something a little larger than the Lear line then the Challenger is a great step up. Ranging from the 13 passenger, 1300 nautical mile range Challenger 300 to the 15 passenger, 2700 mile ranged Challenger 850 this range of planes is perfect for businesses that travel frequently. It range allows for many non-stop destinations including international travel. If you are looking for even larger space and longer range then the next step up and premiere line offered by Bombardier is their Global range of large jets. These jets are designed for company executives that not only travel frequently, but often have the need to cross either ocean with a team of people. So whether you are looking for a small private jet to a large jet capable of transporting you and your entourage, Bombardier has something for everyone.

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