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JetNetwork “FlightCard” is another offering from Jet Network, which is an upcoming name in the field of fractional aircrafts. It seeks to cater the needs of corporations, high net worth individuals and businessmen who like to enjoy the liberties associated with private aviation without the commitment or expense of fractional ownership.

JetNetwork FlightCard is slightly different from its competitors because it works like a debit card vs purchased hours of the other programs. You pay a fixed price and as you fly, a sum corresponding to pre-fixed hourly charges will be deducted from your deposited amount.. Your FlightCard expires when your pre-paid amount has a balance of zero.

Currently, JetNetwork FlightCard is available in the following denomination:

Gold: The Gold level is the first level of membership of the JetNetwork Flight Card program and requires a deposit of $100,000. There are no hidden fees and members may utilize their concierge services to assist with travel arrangement, catering and ground transportation. Standard catering is provided free to all the members of Gold level of JetNetwork FlightCard. However, one-way upgrades are not available in this category of membership.

Platinum: This program requires a deposit of $250,000 . The members can look forward to free standard catering as well as the 24/7 concierge services. Members are also allowed one-way upgrades and refunds of their remaining deposit balance at anytime.

Black: The deposit for this level of membership is $500,000. Members do not have to pay extra charges for standard catering as well as for availing the services of a concierge. Similarly, the facility of one-way upgrades is available to the members who choose the Black level of JetNetwork FlightCard.

Wide range of aircrafts: JetNetwork provides a wide range of aircrafts. Members can look forward to flying in light, mid-size or heavy jets as well as airliners, turbo-prop and piston-prop aircrafts.

Limited membership: The JetNetwork FlightCard membership is restricted to a few select people. Hence, you are assured that you will not be waiting in queue in case you want to upgrade your flight. You will also be assured of a personal and timely attention.

Flexible aircraft type hour exchange: Since traveling needs keep on changing, JetNetwork FlightCard allows its members to upgrade their aircraft type.

All-inclusive cost: Members of JetNetwork FlightCard program do not have to pay extra towards membership fees and monthly management fees.


Light Jets:
Mid-Size Jets
Heavy Jets
a. LearJet 31
b. LearJet 35
c. Beech Jet 400A
d. Citation II
e. Citation Bravo
a. LearJet 55
b. LearJet 60
c. Citation X
d. Hawker 700
e. Hawker 800
a. Gulfstream II
b. Challenger 601
c. Gulfstream III
d. Gulfstream IV
e. Falcon 2000

Pricing: The rates are as follows:

Occupied Hourly Rates LIGHT MID SIZE HEAVY
One-Way $3,400/hr $4,600/hr $7,400/hr
Round-Trip $2,400/hr $3,500/hr $5,100/hr

However, you must remember that round-trip rates will be applicable only if the flight returns the client to the uninterrupted point of origin and utilize an average of two hours of live flight time for every calendar day traveled.

Thus, JetNetwork FlightCard offers quality services to its patrons. No doubt, Robb Report awarded it “Best of the Best” trophy for its quality FlightCard program.

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