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The name Cessna dominates the class of personal and small business aircraft. However what many people do not realize it that Cessna is not a classification of aircraft, but an aircraft manufacturer. This problem with nomenclature just goes to show that Cessna is not only well known, but considered a marquee in the small aircraft world. Cessna and its line of business jets called Citations have come to be the most sold and used business jets in the world. Offering ten different models of business jet that all strive for the best, it is no wonder Citation is the best selling business jet line in the world.

Cessna’s Citation line offers business jets ranging from small to large with each model offering a unique quality that is the trademark of Cessna aircraft. Beginning with their flagship style the Citation Columbus is the largest and longest ranged jet in the Citation line. Billed as the culmination of everything that Cessna knows, this business jet is meant to take the flagship role in any companies jet fleet. What really makes the Columbus unique, however, is the amount of attention given to head and foot space. The Columbus offers more leg and head room than any other jet of its class. This means that the Columbus offers an unparalleled degree of comfort and luxury.

If speed is more what you are after, the best business jet offering from Cessna is the Citation X. this business jet is the fastest business jet in the world. This jet was designed for speed and it delivers. With the idea of meeting in London and being home in time for dinner in New York as their inspiration, Cessna has allowed businesses to access speeds that were long only the province of the military. However not only is the Citation X fast; it can also serve well for transcontinental and transatlantic flights. The Citation X is great for those who want to get to far away places in the same time most people spend commuting to work each day.

If neither the Cessna Citation Columbus, nor the Cessna Citation X quite matches your need, fear not, for Cessna offers one of the widest ranges of business jets and personal aircraft in the world. With a little bit of investigation almost anyone can find a plane that will fit their needs in the Cessna range. After all Cessna is the world’s best selling private aircraft for a reason.
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