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Sky Jet

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 Sky JetThe Skyjet card was launched by the Bombardier Skyjet program and has been a runaway success thanks to the many benefits it offers to its members. The card is targeted towards those who are looking for a privacy and comfort offered by private jets but whose traveling requirements do not go beyond 100 hours per year or for whom buying a share in fractional aircrafts might sound like a costly proposition.

Skyjet offers you ‘Your private piece of the sky’ [as their website puts it] at a reasonable rate. They also provide you with many options. As far as jets are concerned you can opt for light, super-light, mid-size, large or ultra-long range aircrafts. Similarly, in the case of selecting flight hours, you may choose from 25, 50, 100 or any combination of the three.

Flat hourly rate: The flight charges are calculated in a simple manner. You just have to pay for the hours you fly. Skyjet members pay a flat hourly rate and do not have to worry about additional rates for one-way, round trip, overnight flights.

Absence of separate charges: As an user of the Skyjet card, you do not have to shell out extra dollars to bring a plane into position or to return an empty aircraft to home base, or for another aircraft to meet you.

Short notice period: We are all aware that traveling needs never remain constant. At times, even a light jet would suffice, whereas sometimes we might have the need for an ultra-long range aircraft. However, as a Skyjet card patron you can lay to rest all your worries. You simply have to make a request regarding your needs including the type of aircraft 12 hours before your scheduled departure. The Skyjet staff will make sure to make it happen.

Chance for ownership: Skyjet card is the only jet card that allows you to go in for a fractional ownership of Bombardier Flexjet or full ownership of a new or pre-owned Learjet, Challenger or Global aircraft. As a Skyjet cardholder, you earn credits towards ownership. One can also earn credit towards pilot training and maintenance at a Bombardier Service Center.

Skyjet Personal Jet Concierge: Skyjet Card also allows you to experience the luxury of having a personal concierge. Whether you require any kind of information, flight details arrangements for catering or ground transportation, your Skyjet Personal Jet Concierge is just a phone call away.

Skyjet pricing varies by aircraft. For instance, 25 hours on a light jet costs $94,000.

SkyJet has all the making of a successful program. So, if you want to take to the sky in a private aircraft, SkyJet is certainly a good option.

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