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Flex Jet25

Private Aviation: FlexJet 25 cards, Fractional Aircraft, Flights, Aircraft Charter & Air Taxi rentals and hire

Flex Jet 25FlexJet25 can be described as a jet card program that combines three best-known names in the private aviation industry. As Sylvain Levesque, vice-president, Bombardier Flexjet, puts it, “the FlexJet25 jet card program combines Flexjet world-class customer service with Jet Solutions’ industry-leading aircraft operations and Bombardier's superior fleet of business aircraft.”

FlexJet25 and flexibility go hand in hand. As amember of FlexJet25, you are able specify the aircraft type, hours and days and select a card that caters to your traveling needs and demands. For instance, one can choose between Bombardier Learjet 45, Learjet 60 or Challenger 604 aircraft. Similarly, you get to pick between blocks of 25, 30 and 35 hours of flying time. You can also specify the number of days you want to fly per year i.e. 275 days, 325 days or 355 days.

Freedom to upgrade: FlexJet25 provides its members with an option to upgrade their aircrafts. This is useful to those whose length of journey or number of passengers keeps on varying. You can upgrade your aircraft as and when the need arises.

Purchase of fractional share: Have some unused hours? With FlexJet25, you need not worry. FlexJet25 allows you to use your unused hours for purchasing a fractional share of a Flexjet aircraft.

Refund in case of non-satisfaction: In case, you are not satisfied with the service offered by FlexJet25, you can request a refund of your unused hours with no questions asked regarding your decision.

Use of the legendary Bombardier aircrafts: FlexJet25 guarantees its patrons that 95% of their flight hours will be on FlexJet25 program fleet of legendary Bombardier aircraft.

No positioning fees: FlexJet25 does not charge positioning fees for flights to Bermuda, Mexico and the Caribbean. This privilege is applicable on all programs, all the time.

Flexjet offers attractive prices to its members and vary as per the block of hours, number of days and the type of aircraft chosen by you. For instance, if you chose 25 hours and 275 days and opt for Learjet 45, the charges will amount to $ 134,900, whereas for 355 days, you will have to pay $155,000.

So, if you want a card that adapts to your needs and not the other way round, then FlexJet25 might prove to be the right option.

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