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AvantAir is a relative new comer to the world of business jets. However in the short time that AvantAir has been around it has managed to show a great deal of adaptability and competitiveness. Known primarily as a fractional business jet company AvantAir sells whole business aircraft as well. With the Piaggio Avanti P.180 as the backbone of their fleet AvantAir offers some of the most economical jets in the U.S. Also with its decision to go green, those who purchase the P.180 know that not only are they buying a great jet, but they are supporting the green movement as well.

For specifications the P.180 offers the ability to fly non stop across the continental U.S. While the speed of the P.180 is actually higher than most light aircraft, what really sets it apart is its inbuilt fuel economy. In the present day with fuel costs rising with no ceiling in sight, the P.180 offers everyone a chance to fly at an affordable level. Through combination of technology and commitment to lowering operational costs the P.180 offers perhaps one of the most versatile business jets in the industry.

While fuel economy may be the P.180’s calling card, do not be too quick to dismiss either this planes performance or luxury. Remember that AvantAir is dedicated to providing as great an amount of versatility as possible and for that is the reason they chose to distribute the P.180. Not only does this business jet offer world class speed for its size, but it offers a great deal of comfort and silence as well. With its design of rear mounted propellers and an acoustic blanket that surrounds the cabin, the P.180 offers one of the quietest rides around which is imperative to both relaxation and conversation.

Sure, other business jet companies may be better known. However for a relatively new face in the business jet world, AvantAir is sure to continue to leave and increase the size of its unique footprint across the world of business aircraft. Not only do they offer one of the most versatile business jets in the U.S. but AvantAir has started accepting deliveries of the new Avanti II which will allow AvantAir to offer increasingly different aircraft. Do not be surprised if in the next decade AvantAir is mentioned in the same breath as the big boys in business jet aviation. They may be small right now, but through a combination of ingenuity and grit, AvantAir has made themselves worth more than a cursory glance.

Avanti P. 180
No aircraft today, jet or turboprop, offers the versatility of the P.180...More »
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