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If there is a single word that would best describe Gulfstream’s place in the Aerospace industry it would be innovation. Gulfstream has been responsible for more innovation than perhaps any other business jet manufacturer. Gulfstream first entered the world of business class aviation aircraft in the 1950’s with the first aircraft built specifically for business use. This aircraft was dubbed the Gulfstream 1 and was a marvel for it’s time. However the Gulfstream 1 was only the beginning of a proud business history.

During the 1960’s Gulfstream produced the Gulfstream II. This was the first jet powered offering by Gulfstream and was a solid success. The success of the Gulfstream II business jet led to the development of the Gulfstream III business jet, which was the first business class jet to fly over both poles. Yet even with the success of the 1960’s and 1970’s Gulfstream was not done with being a leading innovator in business aircraft.

The 1980’s brought about some changes to the Gulfstream Company, yet, despite these changes it continued to innovate and in the late 1980’s introduced the world to the first business jet with an all glass cockpit. This marvel of engineering was the Gulfstream IV and also offered both an increased speed and range superior to other business aircraft of the time. The 1990’s again brought change to the structure of the company, but instead of this causing a step backward, Gulfstream again went back to the innovation drawing board and created two separate aircraft offerings for the business world. The Gulfstream V actually set almost forty speed and distance records again affirming Gulfstream’s position as a leading edge innovator.

Knowing that a new millennium meant a need for even more technological innovation, Gulfstream has continued providing one of a kind offering in their business jets. In early 2005 Gulfstream was the first business jet to offer ultra high speed internet connections. Also during the first decade of the millennium the Gulfstream 150 (or G150) was the first business jet to be awarded the FAA stage 4 certification, which is a stringent set of guidelines for noise. Yet even with these innovations Gulfstream was far from done.

Gulfstream unveiled the G650 on March 13 2008 and it is heralded as a pillar of technology and innovation. The G650 is the largest, fastest, and longest ranged aircraft of the Gulfstream line. With the capability of traveling 7,000 nautical miles at .85 mach, and achieving and maximum operating speed of .925 mach, the G650 is the fastest civil aircraft flying. Gulfstream is likely to continue to innovate its way along the strands of time as new technologies and challenges come to the business jet world. However, there is little doubt that they will fail in any challenge they meet.

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