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Raytheon is very well known for their contributions to the world of national defense; however, with the purchase of Beechcraft airlines, Raytheon is now coming to be known for their range of business jets as well. While Raytheon’s primary business jet offering is the Beechcraft 1900, they take a unique approach to meeting customer needs through customization of their aircraft. These customizations allow a business jet customer to design the plane they need whether to transport people, cargo or a combination of both the Beechcraft 1900 can be customized to even the most diverse of needs.

In their effort to provide a wide range of usable aircraft Raytheon Airline services has taken the Beechcraft 1900 and created five primary variants to fit a wide range of needs. Beginning with the 1900 D, a business can purchase a Beechcraft 1900 fit for Passenger, cargo, or corporate shuttle needs. This allows a great degree of flexibility in the aircraft and can go a long way toward stocking any company’s business jet fleet. In its basic configuration the Beech 1900D offers up to 19 passengers wonderful head room. If your needs are more cargo related than the Beech 1900D can be modified to offer up too 760 cubic feet of cargo space. Finally if you have need to transport high profile customers and executives, the Beech 1900D can be designed to offer room for 12,14, or 16 passengers while allowing for a wide range of standard aircraft enmities providing a quite and luxurious flight for those you want to impress the most.

The Beechcraft 1900 C offers a smaller and more economical aircraft that can be fit for both passenger, and cargo needs. While the Beech 1900C is smaller in room than the 1900D it makes up for what it lacks in economical value. Allowing the transport of up to 19 individuals, the 1900D is great for charter or regional routes that are flown often. Also the 1900C offers a cargo application that allows for up to 611 cubic feet of storage area.

In the end the Beechcraft 1900 series of business planes offered by Raytheon is all about customization. While Raytheon offers several pre arranged set ups, they are more than willing to fit the aircraft to any specifications you might wish. This make Raytheon a great option for those who need a business plane to meet a variety of tasks on a daily basis. So while they may be best known for missiles and guidance systems, don’t be surprised that they make a very nice plane as well.

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