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Avantair, Inc

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Fractional Avantair IncThe year 2002 saw the launch of Avantair. It is one of the rising names in the field of business aviation. Avantair is an exclusive fractional provider of the Piaggio Avanti P.180. In fact, the Unique Selling Point [USP] of Avantair is that its entire fleet is represented by this one single engine aircraft.

The business aviation market was ruled by stiff competition at the time of the launch of Avantair. There were numerous firms, each offering similar services. In such a scenario, the management realized that they would have to offer the potential customers something unique in order to grab a pie of the market share. The decision to go in for a single model of aircraft was born out of this realization. The Piaggio Avanti P.180, also known as the ‘Ferrari of the Sky’, are the world's fastest turboprop.

Cost-efficient: Under fractional ownership of an aircraft, you are bound to pay for the fuel cost. With fuel prices scaling new heights with every passing day, the cost of flying is also registering an increase. While the Piaggio Avanti P.180 offers a speed of 450 mph, it consumes less fuel than its peers.  Thus, Avantair offers the best possible option for those who are looking for a cost-efficient alternative.

Freedom from hourly charges: Usually, in a fraction program, the owner has to pay a fee on hourly basis for the aircraft that is used. This charge is in addition to the monthly management fees charged by the firm. It is difficult to estimate the exact number of hours that you will be flying in a month. Hence, the cost for the same is subject to wide fluctuations. Avantair has integrated these fees into the fixed management cost charged by it. Thus, hourly charges are eliminated and customers are provided with hassle free pre-fixed monthly charges.

Single aircraft: Passengers of fractional programs are aware that many a times they are not able to travel through their chosen aircraft. In fact, they are often made to use aircrafts, which are relatively inferior to their fractionally owned aircraft. However, this issue does not arise with Avantair as they use only a single type of aircraft.

Amenities: Flying in Avantair's Piaggio Avanti P.180, will allow you to experience luxuries like oversized, swiveling and reclining Italian leather seats complete with individual lighting, retractable tables and electrical outputs for laptops. The aircraft is also fitted with a 44 cubic feet external cargo compartment and a large internal closet. Sound-dampening interior is fitted in the cabin. Hence, you can be assured of a quite and peaceful journey.

Safety is of paramount importance as far as Avantair is concerned. The pilots receive in-house training which comprises ground as well as simulator instruction. In addition, the pilots are also trained in first-aid, safety and CPR. The safety factor also gets a bolster because of the fact that the management of Avantair consists of pilots. Hence, they are well versed about the safety aspect. They are also in a position to provide in-sights about the issues that are likely to be faced by the pilot and the kind of training that is required to cope with such situations.

Avantair has only one model of aircraft – the Piaggio Avanti P.180. It already has 11 aircrafts in its fleet. The company management states that they have placed order for 56 more aircrafts of the same model.
You will never look at turbo-props the same after your first flight and quick arrival.  Avantair is slowly gaining market share, especially in the regional US market.

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