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Private Aviation: Fractional Flexjet, FlexJet, Bombardier Learjet 40XR, 45XR, 60XR Bombardier Challenger 300, 604

Fractional FlexjetFlexjet is a reckoning force in the fractional jet market today; it continues to remain one of the only fractional ownership programs whose ownership lies in the hand of an aircraft manufacturer-Bombardier.

An exotic travel experience sans the usual problems such as endless queues and missing baggage is what you can look forward to with Flexjet. With a share as small as 1/16th, you can own a part of a jet in a fleet managed by Flexjet. A special feature of Flexjet is that it is the only fractional program to have been accredited with the AS9100, the ISO 9000 equivalent in the aerospace industry. This lends credence to the claim laid by the company regarding its service and standards. Also, the average fleet used by Flexjet is 3.5 years old.

Versatility Plus: Whether you are looking for your business or for your personal travel, your needs are constantly changing. One year might see you using all the allotted traveling hours and the subsequent year might see you using only half the allotted quota. But don't fret over your unused hours. Through it's offering titled 'Versatility Plus', you can realise the value of your unused hours. All you need to do is estimate the number of hours that will be used by you. The remaining hours will be placed in the 'pool'.  Whenever there is a requirement for additional hours from other members, the Flexjet officials will notify you and will deduct the hours from your account and an equivalent figure will be credited to in the next account statement.

Flexibility: Travel needs never remain constant. At times your business may require the travelling of just a handful of executives, whereas sometimes, a large delegation might be required to bag an important business deal. What ever be the reason, the bottom line is that your requirement for aircrafts is constantly changing. Keeping this in mind, Flexjet offers you the option of upgrading or downgrading the size of the aircrafts required for the travel.

Multi-aircraft scheduling: As a corporation or a businessman, you can never tell when the need will arise for an additional aircraft. Flexjet gives an opportunity to use more than one aircraft. In fact, if your ownership share is high, Flexjet permits the usage of up to five different sizes of aircrafts. The plus point is that this option can be used even on peak travel days. So now, you don't have to make your guests wait. Simply, contact your Flexjet team member and viola! your aircraft will be ready for a take-off.

Short notice period: Large corporations often use their own personal jets for meeting the travel requirements of their executives. But at times, there can be a shortage of airplanes. Especially if the CEO and COO have to travel on the same time, same date but varying destinations. In such cases, NetJets provides with "supplemental lift". This program lets corporations to hire multiple planes in accordance with the ownership share. This service is also helpful in situations where the pilots belonging to the corporation are on leave or sick.

Flexjet places a high priority of selecting only experienced and fully trained pilots. This is because the ultimate safety of the passengers rests in the hands of the pilots. It has stringent criteria for selecting pilots for its flights.

The critera are:

  1. Minimum of 2,500 hours of flight experience
  2. 500 hours flying multi-engine aircraft
  3. 500 hours of turbine powered aircraft time
  4. An Airline Transport Pilot Certificate

Shortage of aircraft choices is something that you will not face with Flexjet. It has a range of aircrafts that can satisfy the needs of any traveller. Take a pick from the Bombardier Learjet 40XR. 45XR, 60XR or the more comfortable and spacious Bombardier Challenger 300 and 604.

If you are interested in getting top- notch services in the world of fractional jet, Flexjet can prove to be a good option.

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