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Jet Network

Private Aviation: Fractional Jet Network, LearJet 31, 35, 60, Beech Jet 400A, Gulfstream II, Challenger 601 and hire

Fractional Jet DirectJetNetwork is an upcoming name in the world of business aviation. The fractional ownership field has seen an upswing of late. Rising business, the globalization of world economy and outsourcing of businesses has meant that more and more CEOs are jet setting across the globe.

The launch of JetNetwork took place in 2002. It presents the option of private jet memberships to business executives, VIPs and frequent travelers. It offers light, mid-size and heavy executive jets for meeting a multitude of traveling requirements.

Limited membership:The membership of the FlightCard program is limited. This allows JetNetwork to provide the best possible customer service to its patrons. A limitation on membership means that the services offered by JetNetwork are not stretched especially when during peak travel hours. This also works to the advantage of the customers who opt for its FlightCard program. Usually, the experience of travelers say that during the peak travel time, most of the owners of a fractional program have to do with an aircraft that is of lesser quality than their chosen model. However, with JetNetwork, this will not be a problem, as limited members will automatically translate into better service.

Concierge service:JetNetwork also provides concierge service to its patrons. The concierge handles the entire travel details and plans. Besides, traveling plans, the concierge is also trained to provide all arrangements and amenities that you will want on your flight.

Complete logistical solutions: Many a times, need arises for carrying cargo. For e.g., you may be a firm involved in motor sports or you might be a motor sports equipment manufacturer. In such cases, there might be a need for a plane that can handle the cargo. JetNetwork has among its fleet, back-up flights, which can be deployed for delivering important cargos. JetNetwork also provides flights for the transportation of cargo and emergency equipments. It also provides back-up flights for express delivery companies, move merchandise and transport emergency supplies to natural disaster areas.

Transportation of AOG equipments and crew:Imagine you are traveling from Seattle to Boston for an important financial deal. And you are required to make an unexpected stop at Denver. Well, if you are traveling with JetNetwork, you need not worry about being stranded. JetNetworks has back-up flights that can transport AOG equipment and crewmembers for the same, to any destination.

Safety is a high priority as far as JetNetwork is concerned. The entire fleet belonging to JetNetwork is monitored under the FAR (Federal Aviation Regulation) part 135 Certificates of the FAA and have the latest in radar and Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems. JetNetwork also uses renowned aviation consulting firms such as Wyvern, Q-Star and Argus to make sure that the aircrafts are in top condition.

The Aircraft of Sentinent Jet Membership:
1) Light Jets:
a. LearJet 31
b. LearJet 35
c. Beech Jet 400A
d. Citation II
e. Citation Bravo

2) Mid-Size Jets
a. LearJet 55
b. LearJet 60
c. Citation X
d. Hawker 700
e. Hawker 800

3) Heavy Jets
a. Gulfstream II
b. Challenger 601
c. Gulfstream III
d. Gulfstream IV
e. Falcon 2000

So, if you are in a mood for an excellent service and would like to have a wide range of aircrafts to choose from, JetNetwork can be a good choice.

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