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Citation Shares

Private Aviation: Fractional Citation Shares, Citation CJ1, CJ3, Bravo, XLS, Sovereign & Air Taxi rentals and hire

Fractional Citation shareWhen a leading aircraft manufacturer and a top name in the world of aviation services come together, expect some fireworks, some innovativeness and something that separates their venture from the rest of the herd. CitationShares is, too, a product of the venture between Cessna Aircraft Company and TAG Aviation renowned names in the aviation industry.

We have mentioned that the merger of two premier companies can provide customers with something different. Well, CitationShares did exactly that. The aircraft owned by CitationShares can carry only up to eight passengers. The management is of the opinion that the average business flight does not goes beyond two hours and carries on an average three passengers. Hence, they do not believe in having large-sized flights that are capable of long journey.

Convenient Packages: Citation Shares offers you a wide range of package to choose from. Hence, depending upon your need and travel frequency, you can choose from 365 days, 350 days, 335 days or 320 days a year. The smallest denomination you can own is 1/16 of the aircraft. This entitles you to 50 hours of annual flying time.  In case, you are in need of extra flying hours, you can get added flying hours at Value Plus™ rates. However, an advance notice of 48 hours is to be given for booking a Value Plus™ flight. Similarly, if you want to cancel a flight, you have to do it 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

Amenities: Expect a lot of amenities, in case, you decide to go for a fractional ownership of any of the aircrafts managed by CitationShares. Experience amenities like private aft lavatories, telephone, data ports, 110V AC outlets, cabin flight information systems, and standard snacks and beverages. In case, you are interested in full catering, you just have to contact the Citation Shares™ staff.

Preferred Positioning: If an aircraft is flying empty to a pick up a particular customer, CitationShares puts the aircraft to use by allowing you to fly this “dead-head” at a discounted rate.  In case, you opt for Preferred Positioning, you will receive a daily e-mail intimating you about the flights available for the day including the fares. This a very unique feature and allows for a cheaper option providing you have a flexible schedule.

Safety is a top priority matter for CitationShares. Take for instance its aircrafts. They are fitted with Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) and the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS). Similarly, the cockpit area is fitted with an electronic flight bag, which provides with accurate navigation and receipt of approach data. Also, the cockpits of the entire fleet of aircrafts belonging to CitationShares are exactly of the same nature. This ensures that the pilots are in a familiar territory, even if they fly different models.

Since CitationShares focuses on short haul flights, all its carriers fall in the range of small cabin aircrafts. By having a less variety in its portfolio, CitationShares has been able to focus on increasing its fleet.

The Aircraft of Citation Shares:

1. Citation CJ1
2. Citation CJ3
3. Citation Bravo
4. Citation XLS
5. Citation Sovereign

With a strategy that is so markedly different from its competitors, CitationShares is bound to scale the sky.

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