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Fly Private
In the realm of charter flight services it seems almost everyone hides costs, charges port services and demands a deposit. Yet there is one charter company that does business the old fashion way. FlyPrivate charter flights, operates off the principle of keeping everything up front and letting you know exactly what you are getting. Also, unlike many other charter services FlyPrivate does not charge a dime until after you have had your flight. They do this because they want you to know they are about making you happy, not about trying to get out as much money as they can from your charter needs.

Unfortunately, because of their up front no nonsense business dealings, many people think that they must be a sub par charter service. Fortunately this belief is both unfounded and untrue. FlyPrivate goes through extreme measures to ensure maximum comfort, safety and flexibility in all their charter flight dealings. Not only do they have a large fleet of their own aircraft for use, they have one of the most extensive networks of private planes available for times when their own aircraft do not fit your needs. However, donít think that they take any shortcuts with our private providers either. FlyPrivate insists of the same level of safety that they demand in their own aircraft making FlyPrivate the safest charter surface available. With their combination of honesty, flexibility and attention to detail FlyPrivate is sure to remain a choice of many in need of charter services for years to come.

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